United Way Family Child Care Network

United Way of Western CT helps ALICE propser through early childhood care and education.

The United Way of Western Connecticut has been supporting family child care providers and helping them become licensed for more than two years now. We recognize that licensed family child care providers are a crucial part of our child care system.

Currently, we are collaborating with the Office of Early Childhood to offer providers who don’t belong to any established network the opportunity to become an affiliate of our United Way Family Child Care Network (UWFCCN), through the CTCARES for Family Child Care Initiative.

UWFFCN employs specialized staff to provide services and resources to family child care providers. We offer professional development (PD) training opportunities focused on quality improvement, while connecting family child care providers with each other and creating strong peer networks in an otherwise isolating profession. All of these services and resources can be provided by a number of different entities, including community-based organizations.

UWFCCN also partners with other organizations, such as state or city-wide initiatives, child care resource and referral agencies, and social service agencies, to provide a variety of services.

Services and Benefits

UWFCCN offers the following services free of charge:

  •   Professional development
  •   Coaching and consultation
  •   Business training and consultation
  •   Health consultation
  •   Networking with other providers in your community
  •   Free one-year membership to National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC)

Additional Resources for Providers

As a member of the United Way Family Child Care Network, you can also access:

  •   Professional development trainings
  •   Network events held every year
  •   Support from a Benefits Specialist
  •   Ages and Stages Survey training and support
  •   Support from an All Our Kin Educational Coach

All the services above will be offered virtually, due to the current state of emergency and social distancing protocols.


Key Staff


Casey Levene, Vice-President Community Impact. Strategic oversight and vision

Elizabeth Quinonez, Child Care Initiative Manager. Strategic management and oversight of staff

Programmatic Delivery

Gabriela Ramon, Benefits Specialist. Works with current providers and families to access financial and quality-of-life supports and administer the Ages & Stages Survey program..

Child Care Initiative Coordinator. Works with current and new providers to plan professional development opportunities and connect providers with professional development opportunities, while serving as the main contact for CTCARES Child Care providers