In October of 2019, United Way of Western Connecticut made a dramatic move forward in our commitment to serve individuals and families through the use of technology. The nonprofit subsidiary Prosperity Digital Marketplace, LLC, was formed to build a digital platform to connect ALICE to social services and other resources that can improve their lives. It will also link businesses and donors directly to people who are working hard to make ends meet.

Prosperi-Key Digital Marketplace is a new online marketplace that partners with local United Ways to connect hard working individuals called ALICE© (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) with targeted support, services, and discounts from nonprofits, businesses, and government.

Prosperi-Key launched in August 2021 in Connecticut, New York, and Ohio to:

  • Provide income verification to determine if a household is ALICE, using a standardized formula developed by United Way of Northern New Jersey and Rutgers. No such tool existed before this, and it is invaluable in assessing and qualifying households for benefits and programs.
  • Provide a one stop site for ALICE households to find resources for educational and vocational training, health resources (healthy food access, prescription discounts, health screenings, etc.), and other resources they are eligible for in their community. A flex-fund payment system is being developed similar to the one used successfully by the Connecticut United Ways COVID-19 Response Fund and the ALICE Emergency Fund.
  • Offer a marketplace where businesses and donors can provide services and discounts to ALICE households in their communities (for example, in-kind dental services).

We’re proud to be leading with this innovative solution, which has gained national attention and support, and we are excited to be breaking new ground in the ways hardworking, struggling families can find solutions to the very real challenges they face every day.


Working Around the Clock to Make Ends Meet?

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Prosperi-Key brings you resources from local businesses, non-profits and government. It’s a marketplace that aims to make life easier for your hard-working household.

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Businesses Can Do Well By Doing Good 

By partnering with Prosperi-Key, businesses have the opportunity to advertise, gain new customers, and give back to the community. They will also be able to:

  • Develop new relationships with ALICE, a customer base that includes more than 40% of our neighbors.
  • Increase visibility with targeted advertising support from Prosperi-Key and United Way of Western CT, including social media and email marketing.
  • Connect with a cause and continue your track record of community support in partnership with United Way

Benefits for Your Business are Straightforward

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As a founding business member on Prosperi-Key, you can boost your revenue while lending a helping hand. 

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