Northern Fairfield County

United Way of Western CT helps ALICE prosper in Northern Fairfield County

United to help hard-working, struggling families in Northern Fairfield County

Northern Fairfield County is often referred to as the Greater Danbury area. It includes Bethel, Brookfield, Danbury, New Fairfield, Newtown, Ridgefield, and Redding.

Northern Fairfield County offers residents a desirable quality of life, well-regarded local schools, and well-valued real estate. But despite being a desirable place to live, residents face a number of challenges.


  • The cost of living is high and on the rise. The cost of basic household expenses in Connecticut is $77,832 for a family of four (two adults with one infant and one preschooler) and $24,672 for a single adult.
  • In Danbury alone, 50% of households are ALICE and struggling to afford basic needs.
  • Northern Fairfield County residents are burdened by housing costs: 49% of Danbury renters and 40% of homeowners spend more than one third of their income on housing, which stresses household budgets at all levels.

Our Work

To help the hard-working families in Northern Fairfield County, we are focusing on: increasing access to quality childcare and education; increasing access to healthy food; giving people the tools they need to help them save and become more financially stable. Learn more about Our Work

Northern Fairfield Community Council

Highlights in Northern Fairfield County

United Way programs that are unique to this region include Cora’s Kids, Ready, Set, Let’s Read!, and Seniors Add Valuable Experience.

Here’s how United Way has served the needs of the residents of Northern Fairfield County in the past year:

Childhood Success

  •   255 children receive early childhood care and after-school subsidies
  •   42 new licensed child care spaces created through Cora’s Kids initiative
  •   451 children have out-of-school activities funded through the ALICE Enrichment Fund
  •   350 backpacks filled with school supplies distributed to children
  •   600 preschool children benefit from the Ready, Set, Let’s Read! program

Health and Food Security

  •   20+ members of the Danbury Food Collaborative
  •   $1+ million in food rescued and distributed in Danbury last year

  •   200 Healthy Savings Cards distributed in the community for the Healthy Savings Program

Financial Stability

  • 107 clients receive free one-on-one budget coaching and financial stability workshops

  • 49 Danbury seniors collectively saved $34,500 in city property taxes through the Seniors Add Valuable Experience (SAVE Program)